How what I do is helpful.

  2.     The treatment is aimed the discovery of something beyond who we think we are.  Instead of a beginning that stares at the predictable causes, of life’s difficulties, I help people look for clues in dreams, disjointed impressions and the odd bits of evidence.

  3. Evidence which points to the fact that the locus of control in every life lies outside of the logical mind.

  4. When well examined, these evidences combine to form an edifice of knowledge which can be liberating.

Here are a few more of my thoughts, which address more specifically, the general problems people bring to the work I do with them.
  1. Depression

  2. Freud described depression as a shadow that falls across a person’s life. The shadow falling in a way that makes everything darker for that person. The solution as to why this happens for some requires a very precise understanding of what is happening inside the person at a very deep level. One must understand not only that this darkness obscuring one’s life, there also need to be an accounting of how this shadow is cast. Ultimately, one needs to arrive at a knowledge about this dynamic that has shut out the light.

  1. Trauma

  2. Trauma shatters a person’s world in a way that words can not describe. What needs to be done is to give you the words that have yet to appear to help you understand what has happened.

  1. Anxiety    

  2. Will cause a variety of Symptoms including: Sleeplessness and self soothing activities such as over drinking and over eating, substance abuse. These behavioral manifestations of serious problems disturb and disrupt your progress in life. Ultimately, Anxiety is an uneasiness which permeates everything.  Therapy is motivated by a wish for quietude driven by the discomfort  of Anxiety.

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