Who am I? Why are people being this way? Does this ever change?
I did not ask for this, what’s the deal?

How did I get here?

It is so tempting to decide that these questions and others like them are pointless. Unfortunately, most of us cannot stop ourselves from asking such questions. The persistent needling of these questions makes us anxious and too often unproductive. While I will not sufficiently answer these broad concerns, and these questions will continue our collaboration on these concerns will gain you a sense of knowing about yourself. The questions may change and your horizon may come into sharper focus.

My Perspective

I incessantly propose that things can be different. That is my job: to turn things another way to wonder about new meanings for what may seem to be tired thoughts. Treatment could be something other than what psychotherapy has been in the past. This should be an investigation pointed at finding that dynamic, that strong force, working behind the scenes in your life.

My Background and Training

I hold a doctorate in clinical psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley. I trained in child therapy at the Ann Martin Children's Center. From there I continued on to work with mothers and their babies at the Infant Parent Program. At the Westside Crisis Clinic in San Fransisco, I trained in crisis work and in the treatment of severe mental illness.

I am a founding member of the California Circle of the Ecole Freudian du Quebec, where my training in a rigorous and effective form of Psychoanalysis is ongoing. I have attended the yearly seminar given by the analysts of GIFRIC Apollon, Bergeron and Cantin since 1999.


There are several insurance panels that which accept my billing - when you call, I will connect you with my biller who can let you know if your plan is one of them and if so, what your co-pay will be.

MediCal/Medicare Patients

I also accept MediCal patients through San Fransisco Mental Health access. I am a Medicare provider as well. I will slide my fee for patients with a strong desire to enter into this work.

If you would like to learn more about how I can help you or more information about my practice, please contact me at dr.john757@johncmclaughlin.com or call me at 415-861-7690.

295 Fell Street
Suite A
San Francisco, California 94102